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Doni Guitars is the official home of the Rebel Bass®, Solo & NES Paul guitars that have been taking the world by storm for a number of years now.

With Doni himself - the Mad Scientist - at the helm, the world is going to be treated to even more extravagance of the instrument variety with many more custom guitars that stray from the ordinary on the horizon.

If you see something you like in the Store, you're welcome to place your order to have a guitar or bass like no other built just for you. Have something else in mind? You're certainly in the right place for that, so head over to the Contact page and drop Doni a line.

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"Do they play?"

Rebel Bass® & Solo - Jam Session

It doesn't matter how popular these basses and guitars are, there are still some who ask whether they're fully playable instruments. Well, allow me to introduce an impromptu jam session featuring a Rebel Bass® and a Solo Guitar for your enjoyment and listening pleasure.