The Asylum

As the creative-genius-come-Mad-Scientist behind Doni Guitars, it’s my goal to not only design and create jaw-droppingly awesome guitars, but I want to bring them to the greatest people this outstanding world has to offer as well, whether that's through endorsements, celebrity clients or even just for you fine people from all four corners of this exquisite world.

What you'll see below is the stepping stones to eventual world domination. Well, that's what a Mad Scientist aims for, right?


Re:Make, endorsed by Doni Guitars.
UK based nerd-rockers Re:Make are officially endorsed by Doni Guitars and lead the way as members of The Asylum. Edd, bass player, 501st Legion member and all round awesome guy, rocks out on a Rebel Bass® wherever he goes, with more in the pipeline too.

You can check out Re:Make and their outstanding self-titled album by hunting them down across the web: Re:Make on Facebook, Re:Make on Twitter, Re:Make on YouTube. Also, do check out their self-titled album by clicking here.


Ben Burnley of Breaking Benjamin with Doni Guitars.

You know who Ben Burnley is, the main man behind American rock badasses Breaking Benjamin.

If you've seen Breaking Benjamin on tour recently, you'll have seen him rock his custom Kylo Ren axe during the Imperial March breakdown. He also owns a Solo ST, a Solo LP and a Wishbone. And he just so happens to be one of the nicest and most stand-up guys I've had the pleasure of meeting too.


Leigh Kakaty of Pop Evil with Doni Guitars.

Yes, Leigh Kakaty, the outstanding frontman of US rockers Pop Evil, is also connected to Doni Guitars.

Not only does he have his very own Solo LP which has been on tour with the guys and continues to make appearances quite often, he also sports his very own Wishbone too.


Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil with Doni Guitars.

The pint-sized force of nature that is Cristina Scabbia of legendary Italian rockers Lacuna Coil, even she is on board and proudly owns her very own NES Paul.

I did ask if she'll be allowing her partner Jim Root - of Slipknot fame - to have a play with the NES Paul, to which Cristina said it was an absolute NO, but I'd say watch this space!


Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Richard Jones with Doni Guitars.

The supremely talented British singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor hit me up to get a Rebel Bass® built for her husband Richard Jones - bass player for The Feeling, in addition to other projects.

As you can see, I got to meet up with her and hand over the Rebel Bass® personally ahead of Richard receiving the bass as a Christmas gift.


Tom Blankenship of My Morning Jacket with Doni Guitars.

If you know of My Morning Jacket, then you know who Two-Tone Tommy is, the one and only Tom Blankenship. He ordered his own Rebel Bass® whilst he was busy touring America, but then MMJ made a somewhat rare jaunt over to the UK.

So, instead of shipping the bass out to him, it was organised to be handed over at the sound check for the band's show in London, much to the amazement of the whole band and the crew.


Jett Rebel with Doni Guitars.

There is a lot to be said for fan groups dedicated to the best artists in the music industry all over the world, and the fan group for Dutch sensation Jett Rebel are no different.

They had organised a meet and greet with Jett, but instead of it just being a casual get together to meet their idol, they commissioned a Solo LP to gift to him after fundraising amongst themselves. I don't imagine dedication gets any better than that!


Ola Hermanson of Sonic Surf City with Doni Guitars.

Ola Hermanson, world renown scientist and frontman for the superb Swedish rockers Sonic Surf City, continues the trend of awesome people that own a Doni Guitars axe, this time a Solo TL complete with LED neck.

Better yet, as exceptional as Ola is, he still went one better and decided to rock his Solo TL on stage as Sonic Surf City opened proceedings at Sweden's biggest and best music festival, Bravalla. Outstanding!


Nathan Morris of Boyz II Men with Doni Guitars.

You don't have to be in the rock music business to appreciate a Rebel Bass®, and that is precisely where Nathan Morris of Boyz II Men comes in.

He reached out to me on Twitter and a short while later his very own Rebel Bass® was making its way across the pond to him. I got to meet all of Boyz II Men a short while later at which point I gifted both Nate and Shawn a bandolier strap a piece, much to their delight. Incredible guys and they certainly know how to put on a show.


So, as awesome as it has been to meet and become friends with all of those through the guitars and basses I create, I am still yet to be put to work by someone equally as important...