Media is, as media does.

Not only has it been a whirlwind few years in terms of the sheer volume of guitars and basses created and the awesome people they've gone out to, but there have even been instances where a respected publication will get wind of what I do and want to write an article or feature around me and my creations.

And none come close to the interview I did with RockRevolt Magazine and the exceptionally cool Devon who hunted me down for the interview. You can see the result of that by clicking the image below.

My creations have also been featured in Empire Magazine and Kerrang Magazine and even online in such places as Mashable, CNET, MusicRadar, Mixdown Magazine... the list goes on!



Video never killed the radio star.

And now for your viewing pleasure, here are some of the videos put together by yours truly - just bear in mind I'm much better at building guitars than I am at making videos!


Rebel Bass® & Solo - Jam Session


Ben Burnley and his Kylo Ren guitar in London


Rebel Bass® featured on Daily Planet's High Tech Toys on Discovery Canada


Leigh Kakaty (Pop Evil) playing a Solo LP in London


Jett Rebel playing his Solo LP on tour


Tom Blankenship trying out his Rebel Bass® pre-show


There is still much more to come, so always keep those eyes peeled and firmly on the Mad Scientist as he continues to do his thing!