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Jango Fret / Boba Fret

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The original badass bounty hunters!

Who is better; Jango Fret or Boba Fret? Well now you get to decide in glorious bass or guitar form.

Make your choice of whether you prefer Jango or Boba, select your ideal setup from those listed and then to really give it more oomph, you can add an LED neck for extra showmanship points.

Whichever flavour you prefer, both bodies are constructed from top quality ash to ensure that great tone is always with you. Yet it's a specific part of the concept that has no bearing on the tone which gives it the real killer touch. The Mad Scientist has only gone and incorporated the helmet antennas in such a way that they act as the strap support arms - and they're even indestructible! So whilst it won't make you a better player, it'll certainly give you the much needed balance to help you along your way, whilst also giving it that true-to-form look.

There are various pickup options available to you, but these will be discussed with you ahead of the build getting under way so as to not bloat the options available on the site. Basically, you choose the brand, you choose the pickup configuration, Doni will make it happen!

And lastly, the styling of both Jango and Boba is expertly done by a carefully handpicked professional airbrush artist who is now a dedicated partner of Doni Guitars.

High quality ABS hard case included with each bass/guitar, as is customary free worldwide shipping.

Turnaround time: 8-10 weeks.

Please view the Refund Policy before ordering.

NB: Should you be as crazy as the Mad Scientist himself and want to get your hands on a full "Fret Set" (one of each), then do drop Doni a message via the Contact page before ordering as a discount code might just be waiting for you!

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